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Busy is My Middle Name!

Chris likes to have his Too Busy Hands creating ART! He keeps his hands on photography, video, and construction. His fingers have developed calluses from taking so many photographs, pointing at stuff, and building DIY projects. He’d like to share what he knows and help you with your own creative endeavors.

Let’s get busy my friend.


I capture the moment regardless of the event! Looking to do something different? I’m here to help. Click here to see my portfolio.


Quality 4k video means nothing without professional sound. I operate like a full-scale production team! Click here to watch past projects.


It can be tough to find reliable and trustworthy workers to make repairs inside your home. I have you covered. Click here to see my handy work.

Merry Merry Christmas

The holiday season, the woopdy doo, and the piggity pop! It’s as if the pandemic never happened. On to the next production! WAR…

Pure Exhaustion

Where is George Carlin when you need a big list of things to complain and YELL about! Surviving is a b*tch. Typing is…


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Who has Two Hands with a degree in Film and Video? Chris Foley

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