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Too busy this, too busy that, I’m too busy that I can’t decide what to name my new website. But I’ve settled with Too Busy Hands. It wouldn’t matter what name I chose; I know I’d eventually come to hate it. So F it, I’m running with it. I told a friend the domain name and he responded very inappropriately. If you are anything like him, please get your mind out of the gutter. But feel free to leave a comment for what types of services Too Busy Hands you think should start offering 😉

I’m very indecisive. Especially with life choices.

Should I have gone to Williamson?

No, you should have gone to California.

But we like to save money and live a boring life. Community College then!

Side note: I’d like to break all the clocks in my mothers house so they can stop reminding me of all the time I’ve wasted. When I move out, I plan to destroy all of my electronics and live next to a library. Jk, kinda.

Over the past 4 to 5 years (I’d rather not know the exact timespan) I’ve bounced around career choices. Should I be a filmmaker? Maybe an editor? No, a photographer. Wait, I like building things. Screw it, all of the above please. People say you can only master something by putting 10,000 hours into it. That’s 1.14 years. If I’m unable to practice in my sleep then I’ll probably be old and decrepit by the time anyone takes me seriously.

Before existed, it was (but who has a dash in their website?), then it was 2bzzz (but that looks like a p*rn site), and then just the generic Trying to make a career with the Too Busy Sleeping title attached to you is probably a bad idea, but I thought it was funny and relatable. We’re all like Sisyphus pushing up the rock (screaming God’s an asshole!) and all I want to do is take a really really long NAP, before I have to go up the hill again.

I’m rambling. I’ve decided I don’t want to give up on photography, videography, and carpentry. These things are part of me. Becoming an adult there are choices you have to make that feel as if your giving up parts of yourself in order to survive. I refuse. So, here is a website of my skills and services that I’d like to offer up (That sounds contradicting).

I’m passionate about these things and I want my work to inspire and rejuvenate. I feel like my services are humble talents. If they make just one person happy, then that should be enough for me.

Please, enjoy the upcoming blog post, ramblings, stories, videos and songs to be created. I hope to have you come along the journey with me, however it is you found this website.

2BZ Out!

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