black and white eagle

Drop down get your eagle on! No discrimination anyone can do it. Do they use the word “Eagle” because you look like an eagle when your’re crouched down spreading your legs far apart? Give me a minute. Google? Search images of Eagles. Yep. It’s catchy and clever.

Do you ever start doing some crazy shit late into the night, extending past 12am and think to yourself, “This is absolutely nuts!”. Maybe you’ve had this self-reflection midway down while you’re getting your eagle on? You go, “Why am I doing this? I’m tired, my legs hurt, who am I dancing for, myself? NO!”.

Been there done that, I’ve had my fair share of existential crisis. Maybe too many. If I could stop thinking about how crazy the world is vs how normal I try to play my role in it all, that would be great. But sometimes, I just want to lean INTO THE CRAZY.

Go completely bonkers! Pour soda on my head, play dead in front of traffic, walk around completely convinced I’m NEO or the guy from spy kids. Does that make any sense?

I’m having a hard time being my weird self as I get older.

“Please sir get back in line to die”

“But I don’t wanna die”

“Sir, are you being serious everyone has to do it?”

A different man screams 4 places back.

“Hey! If he’s not gonna stand in line like a man and be quiet about this, I’ll take his spot. For Christ sakes we all wanna die!”

An entire choir of people begin shouting request


The lady with the walkie talkie monitoring the line pipes the crowd down.

“All of you calm down. You’ll have a chance to die, trust me. You just have to wait your turn.”

I take out my frustration and paranoia out on the nice lady line monitor.

“No! You lie! I’m alive! And I’ll die when I want to! IM IMMORTAL GOD DAMNIT!”

Walkie talkie static crackles

“Charlie, do we have another 4×4 available. We have a noncompliant. Everyone’s really uncomfortable with his profanity”

Watch yo profanity! For it will have profound effects amongst the youth. Dun dun DUN!

Imagine if a group of really unethical psychiatrist decided that an awesome social experiment would involve convincing you that you’re in purgatory. Facebook could get it done. Frightening 🙂

I’m always watching what I say and I’m none of those bad things other people are. I’m good. I’m perfect. I’m Jesus.

“You know what happened to Jesus right?”

“Everyone loved him?”


I don’t want to be your personal Jesus. I love that line from Video Game.

Anyway, welcome to another weekend where I don’t feel ready to release any content in fear of sounding crazy, too absurd, and people missing the joke. Or even worse, Me being the joke. HA HA HA YOUR SOOO FUNNY CHRIS !

The cringyness of life traps me in my basement. The fakeness of the world hides me away. I’m scared to be real. Wait, am I real or am I CHAT GPT? FUCK (is what Gipity would say) I like Gipity, good Gipity, don’t kill me.

I’m supposed to make a list of things I need for the new way I plan to release content. Let’s try it out in a blog.

  • Over the ear headphones. (For listening to content. I wonder if they make Bluetooth headphones you can pair with each other? Just have two simultaneously listening. Wait, I have a dongle. I can use two dongles and two wired headphones. I’ll look nuts! YES. I like the idea, also if you could pair headphones through Bluetooth, imagine a helicopter parent trying to listen in on everything you watch and consume {you mean like the government} yep)
  • 360 degree camera. (So expensive I’m not sure if it’s really necessary. I could just hold my small LUMIX. But idk, it’s not as funny. I’d rather have the super wide fish lens.)
  • Phone battery pack (so my iPhone doesn’t die giving off Wi-Fi for my s23)
  • Fanny pack (at this point it sounds like I’m gonna need something boi to hold my things! And a school bag is so lame)
  • Assistant (someone driving a car around with my laptop in it for immediate editing to release content almost immediately, it would make for an eventful Saturday in the city if you like driving and watching me talk to strangers)
  • Preparation (a thought experiment of how I think it’ll go, but being completely ready for the unexpected which makes zero sense out loud)

Well, that’ll do.

Things I want strangers to help me with? Releasing content.

Trust me, it’ll make more sense once I release the first series of videos in which I’ll link this entire sentence to. That means sharing my website, photography, building projects, and YouTube. Sounds like a lot, maybe but whatever. IM CRAZY! 2BZ out.

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