Making Your Ideas Come to Life!

Over the years I have captured many different events such as weddings, birthday parties, and small venue concerts. If you need a versatile photographer or videographer than look no further!

Need a hand with your next project or idea? Book with Too Busy Hands to get the job done!

Our Services


Back in 2019, I started taking Photography more seriously. I’m obsessed with quality and creativeness. Colors should pop, stories evoke, and moments inspire. Your photographer should be confident, adaptable, and invisible. If you need someone to take your next event or picture seriously and passionately, I hope you book with me.


My love for the camera started in video. Making skits and timepieces as a little kid was fun. I started with pretty crappy equipment, but you don’t need the best gear to tell a good story. Luckily, I’ve upgraded my glass over the years. I’ve shot weddings, music videos, skits, podcast, and short films. I’ll treat your idea like one of my own.


Photo and Video is an expensive hobby. I learned that the hard way. Contruction and Remodeling allowed me to support my passion. It also taught me very valuable skills. Do you need a hand installing a bathroom vanity? Trim? How about a Pinterest idea? Check out the Building page for a list of repairs and installations Too Busy Hands has mastered.

Special Request

So, there’s a new idea, podcast, or art piece that you need help with? It’s difficult to explain, people won’t understand it at first, it feels impossible? At Too Busy Hands we listen, inspire, and create. Let’s Get Busy!