Over the years I’ve made short films, skits, vlogs, podcasts, music videos, TikTok’s, you name it. Whatever it is you need, I can guarantee you that I will go above a beyond for your creation. Here is some of my work.


Leg Day has required me to utilize each and every skill I have learned over the years. Accomplishing this project is a dream come true. It shows my ability as an independent filmmaker, and the potential that my projects have as I continue to improve upon my skills. The final project brings me great joy and pleasure knowing that my crew’s hard work has created a film we can all be proud of.

Leg Day


In Film School, I was tasked to Direct a Corporate video. My classmates and I were responsible for finding a company to work with. I directed, Morgan Derosia was the editor, and JP Chaves was our cinematographer. We are very proud to have helped the non-profit organization CACLV.



My YouTube Journey. There’s been a lot of sleeping days. But there’s money to be made and YouTube does not currently roll in the moolah for me! I dedicated a year to my own creative endeavors, if I could do it again, I would. But growth is growth, subscribe and help me grow a fan base. 2BZ out.